Non-resident tourists

Benefits in tourist services

22 points back VAT on tourist services provided to individuals, only if they are paid by electronic money, debit cards and / or credit until 31 October 2019. The card issuer must include in the statement the discount shown on the ticket issued by the POS.

The services included are:

1. Hospitality Services, when supplied by restaurants, bars, pubs, cafes, coffee shops, tea rooms and the like, or by hotels, motels, apart hotels, hostels, tourist stays, country hotels, tourist farms, country inns, cottages and camping hostels, provided that such benefits do not integrate the concept of lodging.

2. Catering services for the realization of parties and events.

3. Services for parties and events, not included in the preceding paragraph.

4. Leases of vehicles without driver.

5. Mediation services in lease agreements with tourist destination

6. Return of 10.5% of the price of leasing property for tourism tenants non - resident individuals, provided that the lease is made in Real Estate registered and the payment method used, whether or debit card issued credit the outside. The card issuer must include in the statement, the discount shown on the ticket issued by the POS.

Other benefits in force throughout the year:

1. Free Tax Regime
For purchases of products included in the scheme, carried out in shops attached to the system, complying with the corresponding procedure at the time of purchase and while the exit of the country occurs through any of the following border crossings: Carrasco International Airport , Airport Laguna El Sauce, Port of Montevideo, Puerto Colonia, Cruise Terminal Arrivals from Punta del Este, Bridge-Concordia Salto, Paysandu-Colon bridge, bridge Fray Bentos-Puerto Unzue and Chuy. At the time of leaving the country, you must complete the necessary formalities for reinstatement in positions properly identified.

2. VAT zero in Hotels.
Benefit valid for foreigns presenting identity document issued abroad. Being exempted, this consumption is invoiced without VAT, therefore the tax is not charged, not generating refund.

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